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Carey N. Vicenti

Carey Vicenti is our local Native American expert and Guide who will take you on an exclusive journey throughout the region’s ancient civilizations and anthropology. A Native America Scholar, Attorney and Professor, Carey is a member of the Jicarilla Apache Tribe of Northwestern New Mexico. He has practiced law as a Tribal Attorney, and also served as a Tribal Judge prior to his professorship at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, where he currently teaches Ethnicity and Gender Studies of the Southwest, Native American Law and Politic and Senior Seminars.

His expertise and depth of knowledge of Native American culture offers an exceptional and well-informed perspective on the questions that surround Native American history, and the fate of his ancient predecessors. Some facts and theories shared by Carey are well known, while others are not often shared in park-guided tours—but are sure to give you a new and deepened insight to the facts, questions and mysteries pertaining to the early civilizations of the Southwest.


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